Hej hej,

Hello, I am Paula (37) married and I live in The Netherlands. I like Sweden very much. In my free time I try to study the language however, I still find it pretty difficult to write. I have to admit that I also use the translate option if I can not understand everything.

I love animals and we have two dogs, called Barbie and Ariel, they are both resque dogs from Romania. I would like to meet other people who love animals and who would like to make new foreign friends. It would be great if I can meet some Swedish friends who love animals.

We go on holiday to Sweden a lot and I am looking for accomodation that is suitable for two dogs. Usually we rent a stuga somewhere but now I found this site I wonder if there are people who can help finding something with a fenced garden. Does anyone have any nice suggestions??

I would love to hear from you.

Warm wishes,

On the picture you see Barbie(grey) and Ariel (red) Ariel has only one frontleg.
You can also see that we have snow too, which is very unusual for The Netherlands.

I look forward to your mail!!!