how the coach's literature throughout its history till now

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how the coach's literature throughout its history till now

Throughout history and literature there are examples of coaching in [url=http://www.wholesalecoachpursesonline.com/big-discount-coach-purses-10288-with-cheap-price-p-622.html]discount coach purses[/url] action but surprisingly the practice (at least [url=http://www.wholesalecoachpursesonline.com/coach-purses-c-6.html]http://www.wholesalecoachpursesonline.com/coach-purses-c-6.html[/url] in terms of executive development) appeared to fall into disuse in the late twentieth century. These were the days of the full-blooded management training programme. Remember when most management development programmes lasted at least five days? The major British management training colleges advertised general 'open programmes' to which managers and executives from all walks of life and business would come to be put through a pre-set and unalterable programme irrespective of their individual needs. In the USA programmes were often considerably longer and the five to eight week 'total executive development experience' was not uncommon.

This approach to development was [url=http://www.wholesalecoachpursesonline.com/coach-purses-c-6.html]cheap coach purses[/url] not without its merits and both authors of this potted history have been involved in such forms of training and have seen it bring about immediate benefits to those being trained. But there are problems inherent in this approach and they are both economic as well as more subjective in nature.

The economic issue became apparent with the downturn of the economy in the 1990s when the organisations that had hitherto supported lengthy 'open programmes' found that they could no longer afford to go down this costly route and started to demand more tailor made solutions from training providers. This initially took the form of requiring customised programmes that were aimed at addressing specific organisational issues as opposed to the more general 'sheep dipping' approach.
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